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My Margarita Is Better Than Yours

The Perfect Margarita
You haven’t had a real margarita, until you’ve had a Chris Sehman’s version of a margarita from Helen Back. Made with fresh juice, never bottled Margarita mix, and just the right amount of lemon and lime, this sweet and sour drink will cool you down during the Hot Emerald Coast Summer days.

1 1/4 Oz José Cuervo
1/2 Oz cointreau
1/2 Oz lime juice
1/2 Oz orange juice
Squeeze and drop 1 lime wedge and 1 lemon wedge
Top with sweet and sour
Shake well
Salt rim of 16 Oz glass
Fill with ice
Garnish and serve

DID YOU KNOW Helen Back will offer a FREE PITCHER OF MARGARITAS to our local teachers on Friday afternoons? Educators unite at Helen Back on Friday after school lets out. We know you had a challenging week- TGIF!

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