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Bartender Profile Archives - Helen Back Cafe

Behind the Bar: Meet Ralph

Meet Ralph from Duck Duck…


Name: Ralph
Age: 36
From: Cleveland, OH
How long bar tending: 8 Years
Favorite drink to make: Duck Duck Joose
Favorite drink to drink: Crown Apple and Gingerale | Miller High Life | Fireball
What are you known for: My tattoos and sense of humor
Something surprising about you: 10 Year Army Veteran

Behind the Bar: Meet Ann Marie

Ann Marie
Meet Ann Marie- Helen Back, Okaloosa Island. You probably already know her- she’s a lifetime local and veteran Helen Back bartender. She’s been putting up with Chris for over a decade, so she is definitely destined for Sainthood…or at the very least the Emerald Coast Bartender Hall of Fame.
Name: Ann Marie
Age: 29
Hometown: Fort Walton Beach
How long have you been bartending? 11 years
How long at Helen Back? 10 years
What was your first drink? Goldslagger
Favorite Helen Back menu item & why? Philly Cheesesteak…YUMMMMM –
Favorite drink to make? Anything with Bacardi 151
To drink? TEQUILA !!!!
What are you known for? Being so PROFESSIONAL-HAHAHA!
Favorite type of crowd? REGULARS
What’s something surprising about you? Chris is My father!!!

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